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Rockit 89 - DELID KIT FOR THE i5, i7 & i9 9th GEN INTEL CPU

  • Complete kit with delid and relid tools
  • Includes metal scraper for safe and quick removal of the solder
  • Upgraded to handle the higher stress of the 9th Gen STIM
  • CPU sits lower in the tool to allow for the thicker PCB of the 9th Gen.
  • Guide on how to easily remove solder from the CPU

1 review for ROCKIT 89 – 9th GEN DELID & RELID KIT

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kobi (verified owner)

    Needed for 9th Gen – I already had the Rockit 88 i used for my former 4790k CPU, but did not want to take any chances since i read online (and logic had spoken to me as well) that solder creates a strong bond between die and IHS.

    I got the Rockit 89 and even with it i can say it felt like i had to apply much higher than normal pressure with the LN key to get the lid to pop, it could feel like its smudging for a good 5 seconds but it will surely pop.

    I am happy with it and can safely say the extra support given by fitting it more securely for 9th gen different height PCB is recommended.


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