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Newly reformulated to absorb even more of the solder

Quicksilver solder remover to quickly remove the STIM from your 9th Gen CPU & IHS.

The quick and easy way to remove the solder from your CPU without dangerous scrapers or heat.

  • Super easy and pain free removal of the solder
  • Includes metal polish to remove the thin layer under the solder

The chemical reaction dissolves the solder and leaves behind a clean surface.

Non toxic, safe to handle. Environmentally safe, NO MERCURY.


Note: while this appears to be similar to Liquid Metal TIM, it is not. It will not harm the CPU or IHS but the temps are not going to be as low as commercially available Liquid Metal TIM.

1 review for Quicksilver – Solder Remover

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Helpful – Made solder removal much easier than the online videos with razor blades usage look like.

    Only thing I’d recommend is get 2pcs, or since 2pcs is $10 might as well get the Large version which equals 10pcs.

    The quantity in one is enough for some 2-3 applications, but i found that you might need more to remove the solder properly.
    In my case i had a bit extra solder left.
    You can tell since the die won’t be smooth but would rather have like a lumpy area.
    What i did is take a piece of straight edge brass i had and scrape off the excess, yes yes i know razor blade solution, but can be bypassed if you have more Quicksilver. Agitating it is important too, if it just stands for 10 minutes it won’t do much.

    Does the job very well, 5/5.

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