Rockit Cool

It’s never been safer to Delid your CPU!
No vise, razor or hammer required!





Introducing RockItCool

What Is Delidding

The IHS or “Lid” of the Intel CPU is attached to the PCB with a thick adhesive. This creates a large gap between the IHS and the CPU die. This gap is filled with a thick layer of TIM. This thick layer is not efficient at transferring heat.


After using the Rockit 88 delid tool to remove the IHS from your CPU, the thick glue and factory TIM can be removed. Without the thick glue, the gap is eliminated and new, more efficient TIM can be applied in a much thinner layer giving a major increase in heat transfer efficiency.

PCB = Printed Circuit Board,
IHS = Integrated Heat Spreader (lid),
TIM = Thermal Interface Material,
CPU = Central Processing Unit

What Delidding Means For You

Cooler CPU Temperatures

Higher Stable Overclock Longer CPU Life

Delidding is essential for anyone looking to squeeze the last drops of performance from their CPU